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Government increases level of energy bill support
In a welcome move, the Government has improved the package of financial support offered to UK residents to help them cope with the huge energy bill price increases this year:
  • The previously-announced £200 October discount rises to £400 for all households, and will no longer have to be paid back later
  • Low-income households will receive an additional £650, paid over two instalments in July and sometime in autumn
  • People with disabilities will receive an additional £150
  • Pensioners will receive an additional £300 (on top of the usual Winter Fuel Payment)
  • This is in addition to the £150 Council Tax rebate that is currently being paid out by councils

As we have mentioned before, the previous support package was nowhere near sufficient to protect the most vulnerable in society from the price rises. The new offering is certainly much more generous, especially in terms of delivering higher levels of assistance to people on low incomes. However, with bills set to rise by around £1500 in a year (once the October 2022 price cap lands), it will still not insulate people completely from the price rises. Households will still have to dig deep to make up the difference.

It should also be noted that without any long-term plan for retrofitting homes to high insulation standards, this support package is simply a sticking plaster solution. If there are more price shocks in future, they will continue to hit hard and require further drastic measures to keep the cost of living down. How many more of these crises will we have to endure before the Government decides to invest in our housing stock?

Hopefully most York residents who pay Council Tax by direct debit will have received their £150 rebate by now. If you do not pay by direct debit or do not pay Council Tax, you can now apply online with City of York Council. If you do not live in Council Tax band A-D but are on a low income or receive certain benefits, you will be able to apply for a discretionary fund later in the year, hopefully by the end of June. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook or Twitter to find out when this opens.

If you are a York resident on a low income, 50+ or have a long-term mental/physical health condition, we are here to help with:

  • Advice on saving energy and water in your home
  • Installation of simple energy-saving measures for people on low incomes
  • Help applying for energy-saving measures with City of York Council's Home Upgrade Grant
  • Making sure you have all the financial assistance you are entitled to

If you would like assistance with any of the above, give us a call on 01904 922249 or fill in the referral form and we will get back to you. Similarly, if you know anyone in York who might be struggling, please do fill in a referral form on their behalf.